GTX295 and HOF's

GTX295 and HOF’s

A very small newspost today, but an important one. As it’s impossible to recieve a valid verification link from the FM ORB when uploading a result with the new GTX295, we do allow submission solely accompanied by a screenshot. Know that your screenshot still has to follow the rules and that we strongly recommend saving your 3DMark scores in order to be able to upload them when the GTX295 is supported by the FM ORB.

From the moment FM hands out verification links for the GTX295, we’ll inform you and a verification link will be obligatory again. Note that this exception is ONLY for the GTX295; all other HOF entries still have to be accompanied by a valid verification link.

On a sidenote: the PCMark05 XP startup issue has been reported to Futuremark. FM let us know that they are working on a fix, possibly in effect next week. Thumbs up, FM!!

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