OCUKPro Wins Pro OC Cup Q4'13, 39(!) Hall Of Fame Results – KPC Pro OC Season Champions!

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OCUKPro Wins Pro OC Cup Q4’13, 39(!) Hall Of Fame Results – KPC Pro OC Season Champions!

Author: Pieter-Jan Plaisier

Last weekend the curtains of the first Pro OC Season closed. Since March and over the course of three rounds, twenty-nine teams from around the world contended for the Pro OC Championship Title. But in the end, there can only be one winner. That is KPC Pro OC, formed by K|ngp|n, (Christian Ney), TiN, AndreYang, Splave.ROM, NickShih. The team won two of the three rounds and can be called a well-deserved winner. Thanks to a strong finish, United Overclockers finished second, and Kronos Pro OC third.

But first, let’s have a look at the results of the last round of this season.

OCUKPro Top in Q4’13 Round.

The UK-based team formed by 8Pack and Hivizman joined the Pro OC Cup in round 2, making it nearly impossible to finish in the top regions in Season 1. The team has been very competitive since round 2, though, and they are certainly one of the favorites for the championship title next season. In the previous round, OCUKPro finished third after being in the lead for a while. This time again, they stayed in the top regions all round long. In the end OCUKPro took the win in the first two stages of the Q4’13 round, finishing 3 points ahead of number two Kronos Pro OC.

Stage #1: XTU Full Out Single CPU

The first stage featured Intel’s XTU benchmark and single CPU system configurations. As mentioned in the previous paragraph, OCUKPro took the win. They scored an impressive 1956 points, 12 more than the runner ups Kronos Pro OC, and 29 more than Team Germany. The Core i7 4930K was clocked at 6.2GHz, and the score is #3 on the overall XTU hall of fame table. It is the best score for a desktop system, as the number one and two overall feature a dual CPU system.

It speaks to the incredible quality of the overclockers competing in the Pro OC Cup series that eleven (11!) of the results in the Q4’13 round are listed on the World Record page. That page lists the 20 best submissions for each benchmark (in this case XTU). With over 21,000 submissions, XTU is a very popular benchmark at HWBOT. That makes the results from the Pro OC ‘clockers even more impressive.

gbOCUKPro1956 marks
KRONOS PRO OC1944 marks
deTeam Germany1927 marks

Stage #2: AMD SuperPI 32M

Each Pro OC round features a variety of benchmark and hardware requirements. To avoid having the competitors use the same system for each stage, there’s always a stage that is a little bit different than the rest. In this round, it was the AMD SuperPI 32M round.

It is widely known that AMD hasn’t been competitive at the SuperPI benchmark since Intel launched their Core architecture in 2006. The benchmark is now almost 20 years old, so it’s not something AMD is focusing on either. But this generation of processors seemed particularly bad at SuperPI. In fact, worse than the previous generation of AMD CPUs! The Stilt, an overclocking legend from Finland, figured out the issue, and provided a simple patch to resolve the Pi-weakness. The tool is called Bulldozer Conditioner and can be downloaded here. The tool helped overclockers beat the existing AMD SuperPI World Records (both 1M and 32M). With this round we wanted to see how far the Pros could push the AMD architecture, and of course pay tribute to The Stilt’s research.

OCUKPro won this stage as well, as Hivizman scored an incredible 9min 22sec 94ms. He later beat his own score by another 3 seconds, and both of the results are new AMD records. Interestingly, Der8auer from Team Germany had earlier in the competition already broken the AMD SuperPI 32M record with an allegedly single-pick 8GHz FX-8350. Unlike Hivizman, Der8auer managed to clock his CPU over 8GHz stable for the benchmark – an achievement that was not left unnoticed. The news item we wrote to cover the achievement turned this score in the most viewed submission of 2013! It looks like AMD is still not gone from the hearts of the enthusiasts.

The top-7 submission from the Pro OC also made it in the top-20 overall AMD SuperPI 32M. Top quality results from the pros!

gbOCUKPro9min 22sec 94ms
deTeam Germany9min 26sec 78ms
United Overclockers9min 59sec 343ms

Stage #3: 3DMark11 Performance Mainstream

The next stage was a little bit different as well as only mainstream hardware was allowed. The teams had to choose either a Core i5 or AMD CPU, and one of the following graphics cards: Radeon HD 7870 (Pitcairn Core), Radeon HD 7870 (Tahiti Core), GeForce GTX 760, or Radeon R9 270X. In a single GPU configuration, the teams pushed a “normal” system as hard as possible.

No sign of OCUKPro in the top regions in this stage, as the Kronos Pro OC took the win with a score of 13220 points. Mortisboy score only 119 points higher than Billy-the-kid from KPC Pro OC #2, who interestingly enough opted for a different graphics card. Mortisboy chose a Radeon 7870 clocked at 1640/1625MHz, whereas Billy went for the GTX 760 at 1855/2000MHz. Billy’s setup was rather interesting, as he also cooled down the memory. Thus having a triple-pot LN2 configuration. Awesome!
This stage was one for the outsiders of the Pro OC Cup series, as the Dutch/Belgian formation of Mad HWI / Hardware.info came in fourth. With 12748 points they scored about 250 points lower than the number three, NP2Korea Pro OC from South Korea. Further down the ranking we see Q4’13 winners OCUKPro at an 8th position.

KRONOS PRO OC13220 marks
KPC Pro OC #213101 marks
krNP2Korea Pro OC13000 marks

Stage #4: Single GPU Fire Strike Extreme

The fourth stage is the one where the most attention goes to, single GPU Fire Strike Extreme. Any stage featuring the latest benchmark from Futuremark is usually a cup of thee for K|ngp|n from KPC Pro OC. And yes, the man from Taiwan/USA lived up to his reputation. With the world’s only 8,000+ single GPU Fire Strike Extreme, he is miles ahead of the competition at this point. Although … maybe not ahead of everyone, because Kronos Pro OC managed to get surprisingly close this round. With an impressive score of 7,903 points – the Titan clocked at 1840/1850MHz – surely K|ngp|n was worried about a backup score. Phil from Greece comes 200 points short to beat The Boss, but he is about 400 points ahead of the #3 in the overall fire strike extreme single GPU ranking! It’s been a while since someone came this close – we hope Phil keeps pushing the system to maybe get a shot at the overall record.

Further down the ranking we find Team Germany and United Overclockers both scoring above the 7,500 points mark. Round winner OCUKPro came in 6th. Again the overall performance of the Pro OC teams is impressive, with the top-8 finishing within the 20 best in the global ranking! Very impressive.

KPC Pro OC8109 marks
KRONOS PRO OC 7903 marks
deTeam Germany 7526 marks

Stage #5: 3DMark Vantage P Full Out

Everyone expected the fifth and final stage to be a walkover from KPC Pro OC, but in a turn of events AMD launched their new flagship Radeon R9 290X two days before the cut-off deadline for hardware. In case you don’t know, the Pro OC Cup allows for new release hardware to be used during the Cup only if the hardware is released one month before the elimination. Elimination occurs two weeks before the end of the competition, and only allows for the top-10 teams to compete during the final stretch of a Cup round. The hardware cut-off deadline was set at November 1, which made the Radeon R9 290X legal. There has been some discussion about this deadline during the competition – mainly behind the scenes – so feel free to voice your opinion on this in the forums.

In any case, the Radeon graphics card series are known for their proper crossfire scaling. Whereas the GTX Titan will not scale past two cards (in Vantage), the Radeon cards can easily scale up to four cards. So, this round was perfect for the AMD fans.

OCLab.ru, formed by Smoke and Slamms, surprisingly won this stage. Well, “surprisingly” might not be the correct term to use here – they are both excellent overclockers – but it refers to the team only finishing 8th in the overall Q4’13 Cup ranking. The score was a World Record when submitted, and only last weekend the Australian formation Team.AU managed to outscore the Russians. Further down the ranking we see that OCUKPro finished second in this stage, within 200 points of the winners. Then the gap becomes larger, with Team Germany on third (3000 points behind), and Kronos Pro OC on four (5000 points behind). KPC Pro OC, with K|ngp|n holding the Vantage World Record before Radeon R9 290X came around, finished 5th with a score of 91219 points.

I know it has been mentioned more than once in this article, but again I would like to highlight the quality level of the Pro OC overclockers. The top ten (10!) of the Pro OC scores feature in the HWBOT Hall of Fame of 3DMark Vantage. That means the 11 best submission during this round are amongst the 20 best 3DMark Vantage score – ever. Surely, that is something we don’t see on a regular basis.

ruOCLab.ru 96500 marks
gbOCUKPro 96308 marks
deTeam Germany 93232 marks

Conclusive lines

The first season of the Pro OC Cup series started in March this year, and every round again we have seen some of the most talented overclockers put up top overclocking results. This round again, with several world records as a result. Not only OCUKPro with the top single CPU XTU result, and the AMD SuperPI 32M world record, but also KPC Pro OC with the single GPU Fire Strike Extreme record, and OCLab.ru with the Vantage overall world record. In fact, there are plenty more, as Team Germany held the AMD record before. It just goes to show that these overclockers are pushing each other to produce some of the best overclocking results.

As we already mentioned in the title, KPC Pro OC is this season’s Champion. We will cover the details of the first season and KPC’s victory in another article later this week. For now, congratulations to OCUKPro for their first ever Pro OC round win and see you all next year!

Pro Oc Cup Q4’13 Ranking

United KingdomOCUKPro193 pts
GermanyTeam Germany177 pts
unknownUnited Overclockers152 pts
Korea (republic)NP2Korea Pro OC146 pts
KPC Pro OC #2139 pts
NetherlandsHardware.Info Pro OC124 pts
Russian FederationOCLab.ru113 pts
KPC Pro OC112 pts
JapanGyrock_JP108 pts
Overclockers Pro OC96 pts
The Overclocking Knights89 pts
5xP88 pts
HungaryPh_Team Hungary68 pts
United Statessteponz56 pts
Brazil=) OC44 pts
IndonesiaJagatReview.com38 pts

An overview of the hall of fame scores submitted during the Pro OC Q4’13. From left to right: XTU overall, AMD SuperPI 32M, 1xGPU 3DMark Fire Strike Extreme, 3DMark Vantage Performance overall

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