GIGABYTE Launches 'OC Retro' Contest - USD $1500 Prize Money Up For Grabs!

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Belgium Massman says:

Good luck everyone!

United States Redmax says:

This looks like a great competition!

TaPaKaH says:

Where did they find that picture of dinos22? :D

Poland Xtreme Addict says:

looking nice :)

Taiwan Hicookie says:

Sam OCX said: Where did they find that picture of dinos22? :D

Dino's cousin

Italy Atlas Rush says:

If I only knew this competition 3 days ago, I'd have used LN2 for benching, DAMN! :(

Denmark zzolio says:

ES hw allowed ?

Germany der8auer says:

I don't think so. Usually ES are never allowed for normal competitions.

Denmark zzolio says:

yeah but last competitions GIGABYTE held they were allowed

Germany Moose83 says:

Should be not allowed, no ES on Cpu and Gpu;) Will join this Competition too :D

K404 says:

Retro OC..... best scores will be with Z87 OC Force/ 4770K + 2/3/4 780Ti or R9 290X :D :D

Australia JJJC says:

I think I only pick one bench there that will be screaming for multi cards, the others can be done with one.

Belgium Massman says:

zzolio said: ES hw allowed ?

ES are allowed for this competition

South Africa Vivi says:

jack is correct! one card for 01/05/06, more for 03, but will be damn interesting to see what will perform better, 2-3 780ti's on normal OC board or like 4x 290x on OC force, who knows!

Denmark zzolio says:

290X makes bug scores all the time when they black bench in 3D03

Germany der8auer says:

Massman said: ES are allowed for this competition

now that sucks -__-

Australia Dinos22 says:

Go go go

Switzerland liquidcoolingx7 says:

i'h 2xTitan and Gigabyte z87x-oc but i'd have ln2 :(

Taiwan Hicookie says:

LN SLI for 03, massive!

GurKspaD says:

ES CPU ftw ;)

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