Introduction to Pro OC

The HWBOT Pro OC Series is to HWBOT what the Champions League is to UEFA. The competition features some the best overclockers from around the world, competing using the most high-end hardware and the most extreme cooling techniques. Divided in teams of maximum five members, the Pro OC teams get five different challenges per round of three months. At the end of the round, the team with the best results is declared winner. The season title is awarded to the team that gathers most points during the season. The first Pro OC Season Champion is KPC Pro OC.

Season 1 Overview

Second runner-up
Pro OC Season 1 KPC Pro OC 541 pts United Overclockers 513 pts KRONOS PRO OC 484 pts
Pro OC Season 1 MVP Australia Gyrock 370 pts Australia 8 Pack 358 pts Australia Gunslinger 312.4 pts
Pro OC Cup Q2'13 KPC Pro OC 222 pts KPC Pro OC #2 176 pts KRONOS PRO OC 172 pts
Pro OC Cup Q3'13 United Overclockers 207 pts KPC Pro OC #2 189 pts United Kingdom OCUKPro 166 pts
Pro OC Cup Q4'13 United Kingdom OCUKPro 193 pts KRONOS PRO OC 190 pts Germany Team Germany 177 pts

Pro OC Ranking

Rank Points wins Submissions Team Members
No rankings found.
No rankings found.

Pro OC MVP Ranking

Pro OC MVP Ranking is based on the points that a team member gained for the team plus the points of the other members, divided by the number of members.

Rank Points participated Submissions Overclocker Team
1. 504.0 pts 14 stages 26 United Kingdom 8 Pack United Kingdom OCUKPro
2. 358.67 pts 9 stages 56 Germany Dancop Germany Team Germany
3. 352.0 pts 12 stages 45 United States Gunslinger KPC Pro OC #2
4. 289.5 pts 4 stages 7 United Kingdom HiVizMan United Kingdom OCUKPro
5. 266.4 pts 11 stages 16 Korea (republic) oc_windforce Korea (republic) NP2Korea Pro OC
6. 259.0 pts 12 stages 21 Indonesia Lucky_n00b Indonesia
7. 253.0 pts 10 stages 24 Japan Gyrock Japan Gyrock_JP
8. 241.4 pts 5 stages 7 Finland SF3D unknown United Overclockers
9. 235.0 pts 8 stages 9 Poland Xtreme Addict unknown United Overclockers
10. 223.0 pts 4 stages 7 Italy giorgioprimo unknown United Overclockers

Pro OC Hardware Information

Processor Usage
Intel Core i7 4770K
25.52%, 147 submissions
Intel Core i7 4930K
21.70%, 125 submissions
Intel Core i7 4960X
18.58%, 107 submissions
Intel Core i5 4670K
10.59%, 61 submissions
Intel Core i7 3770K
6.25%, 36 submissions
Motherboard Usage
Rampage IV Black Edition
16.49%, 95 submissions
Rampage IV Extreme
14.06%, 81 submissions
Maximus VI Extreme
8.51%, 49 submissions
Rampage IV Formula
5.56%, 32 submissions
ASRock Z87M OC Formula
4.86%, 28 submissions

Memory Usage
G.SKILL TridentX
11.81%, 68 submissions
Dominator Platinum
9.03%, 52 submissions
G.SKILL RipjawsX
4.69%, 27 submissions
3.47%, 20 submissions
G.SKILL RipjawsZ
2.43%, 14 submissions