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ASUS Pioneers India's First Overclocking Tour - Event kicks off 4 city OC tour in Kolkata

Mumbai, India (29th February, 2016) — ASUS, the leading manufacturer of motherboards and computer peripherals announced India’s first ‘Overclocking Tour’. The company kicked off the four-city OC tour, beginning on February 27, 2016 in Kolkata, to promote the community of highly intellectual and passionate Overclockers in India facilitated by Asus hardware. Over the years, ASUS and ROG have earned a reputation for manufacturing the most reliable motherboards with world record breaking overclocking capabilities. The finale of the OC tour will be held in Mumbai.

At the event, Asus will also showcase its latest line of products for the first half of 2016. This is the first time in India; such a property has been initiated by any company. Asus’s focus with this program is to shape and nurture the future opinion leaders who are passionate about overclocking and technology. This event which is a big impetus to such a challenging hobby will also serve as an engaging and informative platform for budding overclocking enthusiasts. The event will be followed by a live, extreme overclocking session with Hazzan Jadid, one of the world’s best overclockers flown down particularly for this event along with India’s best overclockers Shatul Durlabhji, aka ‘Toolius’ and local boy Sumon Pathak.

HWBOT Poll Results: Will You Jump on the Skylake Non-K Overclocking Train?

At HWBOT we frequently run opinion polls on the site. You may have seen one on the lower right side of the front page. The idea is to try help eek out the opinions and thoughts of overclockers on a variety of subjects, it’s also just an interesting bit of fun. The most recent opinion poll on the site involved the recent phenomena of non-K-SKU overclocking, surmised with this one simple question: Will you jump on the Skylake non-K overclocking train? The results are out!

Firstly it’s clear that the majority of the 421 voters, 32.54% percent of them, believe that K SKU CPUs are the best choice for overclocking. This shouldn’t really come as a surprise for a number of reasons but clearly the most important reason being that K SKU Intel Core processors are the company’s best performing parts. The reasoning is kind of like realizing that Intel actually bins each and every CPU it produces. The best ones become K Core i7s. Period. I want the best CPU, so I get hold of the top i7 chip and on I go.

The second largest opinion segment however flies in the face of that logic with 26.84% percent of overclockers polled saying yes to Core i3 overclocking (using specialized BIOSes from the motherboard vendor). In real performance terms a dual-core i3 is never going to perform anything like a a quad core i7, regardless of how far you push it, so why all the buzz around overclocking an i3? It could be argued that an Overclocked i3 represents solid value for money. Enabling an overclocker to use more sophisticated cooling to get i5-ish performance from an i3 part, thus saving hundred bucks or so.

EK releases EK-VGA Supremacy HWBOT Edition

EK Water Blocks, Ljubljana based premium water cooling gear manufacturer, is proud to officially release the EK-VGA Supremacy HWBOT Edition, the first fruit of the collaboration between EK Water Blocks and HWBOT.

[CES] Asus Rampage III Extreme

asus_rampage3_small1.jpgAlthough none of the HWBOT staff members is currently visiting the CES event in Las Vegas, we are following the news to find overclocking-related reports. One of the findings is a picture of the Asus Rampage III Extreme, which features more power connections and an added NF200 bridge. To me, the boards a lot (a lot lot) like Evga's 4-Way Classified, though.

EVGA Doubles Gulftown Performance?

53920600.jpgUnderneath pictures have been posted on Evga's twitter-page just yesterday. Apparently a single Gulftown isn't performant enough ... two and an overclockable mainboard should do the trick! Pictures can be found inside

HD5870 performance (p)review using HWBot database

As HWBot does gather a large amount of information regarding the performance, overclockability and the combination of those two, we no longer need to rely on one-man reviews to figure out if it's worth to buy the new card or not. No, instead of going through a couple of dozen reviews, we let the HWBot engine calculate a couple of results for us ...

HWBOT hardware index 2008 Q1

HWBOT hardware index The HWBOT hardware index is the brainchild of mtzki, our in-house mathematics and statistics guru. The hardware index indicates the performance of thousands of videocards and processors when pushed to their limits, based on 160.000 benchmark results. 2008 Q1 is the second time we publicly release these charts.

HWBOT hardware index 2007 Q4

HWBOT hardware index The HWBOT hardware index is the brainchild of mtzki, our in-house mathematics and statistics guru. The hardware index indicates the performance of thousands of videocards and processors, based on hundred thousands of results. 2007 Q4 is the first quarter we publicly release these charts.