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The daily/weekly/monthly rank change shown below is compared to their global status, not their rank within Spain.

Pro Overclocker Ranking

The professional overclockers of Spain. They are sponsored or are directly working for a manufacturer.

Rank Day Week Month Points Overclocker Team
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Extreme Overclocker Ranking

The diehard overclockers of Spain, using xtreme cooling like liquid nitrogen, cascade cooling, etc.

Rank Day Week Month Points Overclocker Team
1. 623.20 Xevipiu ocXtreme
2. 608.40 Spain [DRACO] Spain Team REPRO BCN
3. 499.10 Spain ChentinoX Spain Independent OC Team
4. 455.20 Spain DaCoSa ocXtreme
5. 321.60 Spain 360nat Spain Independent OC Team
6. 263.40 Spain Isi [] ocXtreme
7. 241.60 Spain Cordovader ocXtreme
8. 220.10 Spain rety Spain Independent OC Team
9. 194.20 alavadomanuel Spain Independent OC Team
10. 192.50 Vak92 Spain Team REPRO BCN
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Enthusiast Ranking

The people of Spain who love to tweak and bench their system for 24/7 use, but never use extreme cooling.

Rank Day Week Month Points Overclocker Team
1. 657.20 Spain Ximi Spain Independent OC Team
2. 536.50 zupernico Spain Independent OC Team
3. 461.60 Spain Berchorange Spain ForEvil Oc Team
4. 362.90 Spain pakitor1 Spain ForEvil Oc Team
5. 300.20 Spain MiguePR Spain Profesional Review
6. 238.30 Spain Asgarth Spain Independent OC Team
7. 233.20 Spain pproker Spain Enthusiasts of Spain
8. 203.60 Spain pakitoesp Spain Enthusiasts of Spain
9. 202.80 Spain Caxopal Spain Enthusiasts of Spain
10. 184.30 Spain gasparspeed
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