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The daily/weekly/monthly rank change shown below is compared to their global status, not their rank within Estonia.

Pro Overclocker Ranking

The professional overclockers of Estonia. They are sponsored or are directly working for a manufacturer.

Rank Day Week Month Points Overclocker Team
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Extreme Overclocker Ranking

The diehard overclockers of Estonia, using xtreme cooling like liquid nitrogen, cascade cooling, etc.

Rank Day Week Month Points Overclocker Team
1.  -1765.00EstoniakaidtorEstoniaTeam Estonia
2. -2-4597.10EstoniaMartin_SEstoniaTeam Estonia
3. -2-2412.40EstonialolloomEstoniaTeam Estonia
4. -3-3411.20EstoniaJaanEstoniaTeam Estonia
5. -2-1396.70EstoniaAsgateEstoniaTeam Estonia
6.+1-1 348.30EstoniaceemicEstoniaTeam Estonia
7. -3-5345.00EstoniaSmokingHVEstoniaTeam Estonia
8.+1-2-3341.70EstoniaG80EstoniaTeam Estonia
9. -1 308.40EstoniakriminaalidEstoniaTeam Estonia
10. -4-2300.20EstoniaEvilEstoniaTeam Estonia
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Enthusiast Ranking

The people of Estonia who love to tweak and bench their system for 24/7 use, but never use extreme cooling.

Rank Day Week Month Points Overclocker Team
1.-1+2-1304.80EstoniaDrizzleEstoniaTeam Estonia
2.-1+2-3166.70EstoniathemaskEstoniaTeam Estonia
3.  -8152.30EstoniaLast CharonEstoniaTeam Estonia
4.+3+1-1268.20Estoniaturvas0EstoniaTeam Estonia
5.-1-3-1360.40EstoniakuupEstoniaTeam Estonia
6.+3-9-852.50EstoniaeXceedEstoniaTeam Estonia
7.+6-3-3052.20EstoniaessekerEstoniaTeam Estonia
8. -3-148.40EstoniamadisxEstoniaTeam Estonia
9.+2-5-744.90EstoniamarcoEstoniaTeam Estonia
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