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The daily/weekly/monthly rank change shown below is compared to their global status, not their rank within Egypt.

Pro Overclocker Ranking

The professional overclockers of Egypt. They are sponsored or are directly working for a manufacturer.

Rank Day Week Month Points Overclocker Team
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Extreme Overclocker Ranking

The diehard overclockers of Egypt, using xtreme cooling like liquid nitrogen, cascade cooling, etc.

Rank Day Week Month Points Overclocker Team
1. 294.00 Egypt eng.ahmedhelal Egypt ArabOverclockers
2. 263.90 Amir Abd El Fattah Egypt ENGPC.NET
3. 158.80 Egypt DARK lord Egypt Extreme Overclockers of Egypt
4. 60.00 Egypt biego Egypt Extreme Overclockers of Egypt
5. 33.00 Egypt mramzi Egypt ArabOverclockers
6. 24.00 Egypt AhmedNagieb
7. 17.20 Egypt FakhryDaSe7en Egypt Extreme Overclockers of Egypt
8. 15.50 Egypt KA7RATA Egypt ArabOverclockers
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Enthusiast Ranking

The people of Egypt who love to tweak and bench their system for 24/7 use, but never use extreme cooling.

Rank Day Week Month Points Overclocker Team
1. 83.50 Egypt o0R3D0o Egypt ENGPC.NET
2. 56.90 Egypt mercer-pro Egypt ENGPC.NET
3. 44.20 Egypt darklord Egypt Enthusiasts of Egypt
4. 38.70 Egypt 3ziz_3bqr Egypt ArabOverclockers
5. 37.60 Egypt bazilizk Egypt
6. 26.90 Egypt Milou151 Germany PC Games Hardware
7. 23.50 Egypt Kemo United States XtremeSystems
8. 21.90 Egypt merodahero Egypt Enthusiasts of Egypt
9. 20.10 Egypt Cpt.moo Egypt Enthusiasts of Egypt
10. 18.00 Egypt aymanunited Egypt Enthusiasts of Egypt
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