Rookie Rumble #9 - SuperPi - 1M

Stage: SuperPI 1M open - closed since 20 Sep

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  • SuperPi - 1M is closed since 20 September 2014.


  • A verification screenshot is required.
  • Check the verification screenshot example here
  • Check the verification guidelines here
  • Only for members who registered on or after 2014-05-30.

Currently top leader

fr Zwitterion 6sec 625ms good for 50 pts


Welcome to the Rookie Rumble Cup! We are glad you have found your way to this competition. The HWBOT universe is complex and we know it can sometimes be a little bit overwhelming. Most of you will probably have made it here because of XTU. The benchmark tool integrated with Intel's overclocking utility is very popular nowadays. We like it as well! It is a very simple tool to get started with overclocking. You can easily measure the performance increase from overclocking your system.

The overclocking world offers much more than just XTU. At HWBOT, there are well over 55,000 overclocking enthusiasts who enjoy overclocking all kinds of systems. Also, there are a lot more interesting and exciting benchmarks available! If XTU made you "OC-curious", then the other benchmarks may turn you in to a real overclocking addict.

The Rookie Rumble Cup is here to help you get familiar with overclocking at HWBOT. The competition is limited to rookie overclockers just like you. That means you will not have to deal with the experienced overclockers just yet. The competition is typical for HWBOT. There are three stages, each with the same hardware limitations but featuring a different benchmark. The three benchmarks are: XTU, HWBOT Prime, and SuperPI 1M. You can gather points by submitting in each of the three stages. The better the result, the more points you will obtain. And eventually the more points, they higher you'll rank!

Note that the validation process for the three benchmarks is slightly different. For XTU, only a datafile is required. For HWBOT Prime, you need to include a verification screenshot in the datafile. For SuperPI 1M you don't need a datafile as a valid screenshot is enough. You can check the various rules pages (XTU, HWBOT Prime, SuperPI) for more information on what is required in the verification screenshot. In case you have any questions, feel free to drop a message on our forums.

We hope you enjoy the competition and wish you the best of luck!

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SuperPI 1M Ranking

fr Zwitterion - 6sec 625ms - 50 pts
ch daNE - 6sec 625ms - 41 pts
id arhaam - 6sec 766ms - 36 pts
fr electron libre - 6sec 911ms - 32 pts
gr spider220075 - 6sec 942ms - 30 pts
au JunkDogg - 7sec 32ms - 24 pts
no Squash - 7sec 51ms - 22 pts
pl barti27 - 7sec 98ms - 20 pts
 k 7uly1 - 7sec 191ms - 19 pts
au g0t.w00t? - 7sec 214ms - 18 pts
fi QnixGamer - 7sec 379ms - 17 pts
ca russ1000 - 7sec 401ms - 16 pts
au Chuma - 7sec 426ms - 15 pts
us Limecoconut - 7sec 504ms - 14 pts
sv Pirra - 7sec 580ms - 13 pts
us devlos - 7sec 644ms - 12 pts
cn jamieyazoo - 7sec 659ms - 11 pts
fr Dominique_29 - 7sec 660ms - 10 pts
gb flintlock1 - 7sec 675ms - 9 pts

Latest submissions for stage SuperPi - 1M

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  Benchmark Score User Team Frequency Hardware Cooling
1. SuperPi - 1M 7sec 659ms China jamieyazoo China Enthusiasts of China 4.8 MHz Intel Core i5 3570K Air 0   0
2. SuperPi - 1M 6sec 942ms Greece spider220075 Greece Hellas Overclocking Team 5177 MHz Intel Core i7 4790K H2O 0   0
3. SuperPi - 1M 7sec 675ms United Kingdom flintlock1 United Kingdom Overclock3D Bench Team 4700 MHz Intel Core i7 4790K H2O 0   0
4. SuperPi - 1M 9sec 230ms Canada WhiteWulfe Canada apprentice overclockers of Canada n/a Intel Core i7 4770K Stock 0   0
5. SuperPi - 1M 6sec 625ms Switzerland daNE Switzerland Extreme Overclockers of Switzerland 5366 MHz Intel Core i7 4790K H2O 0   0
6. SuperPi - 1M 6sec 625ms Switzerland daNE Switzerland Extreme Overclockers of Switzerland 5366 MHz Intel Core i7 4790K H2O 0   0
7. SuperPi - 1M 8sec 142ms Canada En-tro-py n/a 4800 MHz Intel Pentium G3258 Air 0   0
8. SuperPi - 1M 6sec 625ms France Zwitterion France Klan-OC 5421 MHz Intel Core i7 4790K H2O 1   0
9. SuperPi - 1M 7sec 847ms China jamieyazoo China Enthusiasts of China 4698.9 MHz Intel Core i5 3570K Air 0   0
10. SuperPi - 1M 17sec 687ms Croatia dabar_Solta Croatia Enthusiasts of Croatia 4018 MHz AMD Phenom II X2 555 BE Stock 0   0