February Team Cup Warm-up Contest - Memory Frequency

Stage: SDR-Ram Memory Clock open - closed since 28 Feb

Stage Details

  • Memory Frequency is closed since 28 February 2014.


  • Only use SDR SDRAM memory.
  • Please attach a picture of your overclocking rig.
  • A verification link is required.
  • Must use custom background: download
  • No engineering samples allowed

Currently top leader

it XtremeOverdrive OC team Italy 216 MHz good for 25 pts


No, it's not yet Team Cup time, but we all need something to get in the spirit of Team Cup. Therefore, this warm-up competition in February. For you and your team, we have prepared five different stages. Each of the stages have of course their own benchmark and hardware limitations, but because we're trying to invoke the Team Cup spirit we've selected a bit of unusual hardware. The requirements go from the low-end GeForce GT 610 over the single core AMD processor, to as many as Pentium 2 cpus you can find, to the rarest of graphics cards and eventually a little bit of SDR-Ram. That is enough variety for you to (most likely) have to call in your team mates for help. If not, and you have all the gear available, well then you've beaten us.

In any case, we wish all the teams the best of luck. Oh, and just to be clear, this competition is not part of the Team Cup 2014. We're just warming up!

Make sure to use the custom background required for the competition. You can download it here.

Latest submissions for stage Memory Frequency

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  Benchmark Score User Team Frequency Hardware Cooling
1. Memory Frequency 173.8 MHz Bulgaria GunGod Bulgaria XTREME OC Team Bulgaria n/a SDR SDRAM Stock 0   0
2. Memory Frequency 151.2 MHz RIBEIROCROSS Team Brazil 151.2 MHz SDR SDRAM 0   0
3. Memory Frequency 207 MHz Greece Stelaras Greece Hellas Overclocking Team 207 MHz PQI SDR SDRAM 0   2
4. Memory Frequency 216 MHz Italy Gigioracing Italy XtremeOverdrive OC team Italy 210 MHz SDR SDRAM Air 0   0
5. Memory Frequency 186.1 MHz Sweden Marquzz Sweden TechSweden.org 186.1 MHz Crucial SDR SDRAM Stock 0   0
6. Memory Frequency 166.3 MHz Belarus max1024 Belarus Belarus OC Team 166.3 MHz Hynix SDR SDRAM Air 0   0
7. Memory Frequency 176.6 MHz United Kingdom vipernet United Kingdom Overclockers UK (OcUK) 176.6 MHz Micron SDR SDRAM Air 0   0
8. Memory Frequency 196.9 MHz Germany Lippokratis Germany PC Games Hardware 196.9 MHz SDR SDRAM 0   0
9. Memory Frequency 188.17 MHz Italy aperacer Germany AwardFabrik n/a SDR SDRAM Stock 0   0
10. Memory Frequency 150 MHz Brazil TuiDP Team Brazil 150 MHz SDR SDRAM Stock 0   0