WhitePaw 's Realbench V2 global challenge - May 19, 2014 until Jun 18, 2014

WP- challenged everyone to beat him at Realbench V2
Hardware limitations:
  • a Core i5 4670K processor

GoosNL won the challenge with the following score: 83360 points


Challenges are just for fun. No (OC-ESPORTS) points are awarded, and they are not moderated by HWBOT staff.


Accept the challenge if you want to let WP- know you will try to beat him.

The following members have accepted the challenge: WP-, minicoopers (defeated), abvolt (defeated), GoosNL (defeated), 001tonmoy (defeated)

You can not accept this challenge.


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United States abvolt says:

sorry didn't see the hardware limits cross me out..

WP- says:

hello,, ok..

WP- says:

welcome minicoopers

WP- says:

The only cap is the cpu > 4670K


The numbers of VGA cards doesn't matter

Netherlands GoosNL says:

Congrats WhitePas!

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