Noxinite's SuperPi - 32M global challenge - Oct 31, 2017 until Nov 30, 2017

Noxinite challenged everyone to beat him at SuperPi - 32M
Hardware limitations:
  • a Core 2 Duo (Wolfdale) processor
  • a processor running at 4003MHz or less

Luumi won the challenge with the following score: 10min 45sec 781ms


Challenges are just for fun. No (OC-ESPORTS) points are awarded, and they are not moderated by HWBOT staff.


Accept the challenge if you want to let Noxinite know you will try to beat him.

The following members have accepted the challenge: I.nfraR.ed (defeated), Calathea (defeated), Luumi, Noxinite (defeated), TDUForever (defeated)

You can not accept this challenge.


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Sweden Calathea says:

suzuki said: This board is quite impressing,i saw local a striker 2 extreme,you convinced me to buy it.
From 8 sticks of hyper only one works on my p5e3 premium,i received a new one but it's promised to a user in here so i cannot tinker with it.
The rest of my hypers and boards are in Romania so i cannot try them.

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Oh man, you're in for an "experience" :D use ghost and many OS installs... :)

Romania suzuki says:

Who won the challenge,Luumi ? :) Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk Pro

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