Today`s top benchmark scores.

Benchmark Hardware Frequency User Score Points
XTU Core i7 6800K 5000 MHz Niuulh 2087 marks 62.1 pts 0   1
3DMark Vantage - Performance GeForce GTX 260 216SP 1100/1417 MHz nachtfalke 20474 marks 39.6 pts 3   5
XTU Core i7 6700K 4990 MHz Fasttrack 1756 marks 38.9 pts 0   0
XTU Core i7 6950X 4407.6 MHz Ben Flint 3203 marks 31.6 pts 0   0
Unigine Heaven - Xtreme Preset GeForce GTX 1080 2227/1450 MHz DJRamses 7161.48 DX11 Marks 23.4 pts 0   1
wPrime - 32m Core 2 Duo E8400 5627.2 MHz Eisbaer798 13sec 125ms 23.1 pts 1   3
XTU Core i5 6500 3350 MHz Burtelicious 1080 marks 23.0 pts 0   0
XTU Pentium G3258 5090 MHz TAGG 377 marks 21.6 pts 0   0
3DMark2001 SE GeForce 9800 GTX(+) 907/1269 MHz antome 118966 marks 21.1 pts 0   1
PiFast Core 2 Duo E8400 5626.8 MHz Eisbaer798 16sec 630ms 20.8 pts 0   2


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The quest to find out which country has the best overclockers in the world in 2016 is almost upon us. The HWBOT Country Cup 2016 kicks off in just a matter of days, pitting country against country across six gruelling stages that promise to be the truest test of overclocking pedigree. The contest starts on November 1st and closes the day before Christmas eve with prizes, as well as lots of kudos lined up for the winners.

In previous years we’ve seen wins from Romania (2x), Poland and Greece, but in 2013, 2014 and 2015 the Australians were the top global force to be reckoned with, producing three displays of such dominance that they barely dropped a point. Will they be in the ascendancy once again in 2016, or are their natives of other countries willing to put their OC creedance on the line and go for the win? Could Germany finally flex their OC teamwork muscles, or perhaps the US will find a winning team ethic. And let’s not underestimate the Belgians after their recent Team Cup exploits. An intriguing battle lies ahead, that is the only certainty.

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Hardware news

Most Valuable Submission of Week 49, 2016: Gold for Dancop (DE), True Monkey (DE), [MSI] OGS (Greece) and Poparamiro (RO)

In Week 49 of 2016, we received 4189 benchmark results from 1030 registered overclockers around the world. The majority of the submissions is coming from Rookie overclockers representing 65% of the active community. They were responsible for 38% of the submissions. We had a peek at the most valuable submissions in a breakdown per league.

The overclocking pace is picking up after two slow weeks with five golden cups in the leaderboard. Dancop took down the 3DMark03 World Record with NVIDIA TITAN X Pascal at 2265/3000 MHz. He also scored a Global First Place in the Cinebench R15 10xCPU with a Core i7 6950X clocked at 5292 MHz. In the hardware rankings we find the usual suspect [MSI] OGS from Greece. They score a golden cup in the AMD Radeon HD 5850 category with the card clocked at 1300/1330 MHz. The AMD VGA is paired with an Intel Core i5 6600K clocked at 6300 MHz. We also find True Monkey from Germany on the leaderboard. He grabs first place in the Core i5 3470 XTU category. Last but not least we also see Poparamiro pop up. His GeForce GTX 470 at 1135/1140 MHz gives enough fire power to place top spot in the 3DMark03 ranking. Congratulations to everyone who made it on the leaderboard this week!

The overclocking results submitted during Week 49 generated in total 210 World Record Points, 3849.4 Global Points, and 7932.6 Hardware Points. The distribution per League is as follows: 8% for Elite, 33% for Extreme, 16% for Apprentice, 25% for Enthusiast, 5% for Novice, and 29% for Rookie. The representation of the active community is as follows: 2% Elite, 6% Extreme, 3% Apprentice, 16% Enthusiast, 8% Novice, and 65% Rookie.

Most Valuable Submissions - Week 49, 2016

League CPU Benchmark GPU Benchmark Hardware Points
Elite Dancop 63.4 pts (GFP!) Dancop 217.2 pts (WR!) [MSI] OGS 49.7 pts
Extreme Hambaaaallah 55.5 pts Nachtfalke 49.8 pts True Monkey 49.6 pts
Apprentice Ben Flint 43.9 pts Poparamiro 37.4 pts Poparamiro 37.4 pts
Enthusiast Kimandsally 49.6 pts Olegdjus 35.2 pts Kimandsally 49.6 pts
Novice Chnjab 27.7 pts Cool.tweak 9.7 pts philip.hrustalev 23.2 pts
Rookie Wehwet123 49.2 pts SpheX99 14 pts Wehwet123 27.7 pts


Marc0053 Wins HWBOT World Championship 2016 Final

The World Championship 2016 Final has now drawn to a close. Canada’s Marc0053 has just been crowned the official HWBOT World Champion of 2016. In second place we have Poland’s Xtreme Addict, while in third place we find DrWeez of South Africa. Let’s take a look in a bit more detail at the winners, scores, the blood, sweat and tears that helped make the event one of the most exciting days of the year.

HWBOT World Championship 2016 Finals: December 5th, Caseking Showrooms, Berlin

In terms of overclocking 2016 will almost certainly go down as one of the biggest years ever, not least of all because of the HWBOT World Tour 2016, the most expansive series of HWBOT-run overclocking events ever done. The climax of the World Tour is of course the World Championship Final, a contest where all of this year’s World Series winners battle it out become the HWBOT World Champion 2016.

The first part of the contest is actually more similar to time trials in Formula 1 racing than a true qualification round. Eight overclockers were asked to compete on three benchmarks withe the final standings used as the basis for deciding who face who in the following 1v1 elimination rounds. Obviously, there was perceived advantage for finishing higher up the table and therefore facing an opponent from further down the table.

Read the full roundup article here on OC-ESPORTS.

Bene11660 Wins ROG Camp 2016, Joins World Championship Final Today

The ROG Camp Final drew to a close yesterday evening with Rookie Bene11660 taking a clear win and booking himself a birth in Today’s World Championship 2016 Final. Bene11660 won the contest with dominant display that earned him straight wins in all three stages, while Swiss overclockers DSLREye and TAGG made second and third places respectively.

The ROG Camp is a pretty special event. Held annually in Germany it gives overclockers with little or no experience of subzero overclocking a chance to join an LN2 boot camp with veteran Roman ‘der8auer’ Hartung . The online qualification contest was held to decide who gets to joins with eight overclockers attending a the LN2 workshop, followed by a day of competitive extreme overclocking.

In Stage 1 of the contest Bene11660 used a Core i7 6700K pushed to an impressive 6,450MHz to score 7,420 points in Geekbench3. The chip was certainly pushing the edges of performance pulling around 2 volts. In Stage 2 he configured the same chip to 6,200MHz to score 1,396 cb points in Cinebench R15. Also with the CPU pushed to 6.2GHz in GPUPI for CPU 1B we have Bene completing a run in 4min 13sec 817ms. All contestants used an ASUS Maximus VIII Extreme motherboard and Apacer DDR4 memory.

In fairness it’s no longer technically correct to refer to Bene11660 as a Rookie. Despite only signing up at HWBOT in October of this year, he is now considered an Extreme overclocker, along with all other ROG Camp participants who have made submission using LN2 this week. In Qualification Bene11660 finished 7th overall, so this convincing win would certainly indicate that he has picked up a few tips from der8auer this week.

A huge congrats to Bene11660 and in fact also to runner-up DSLREye who now join the World Championship Final (which is actually kicking off right about now). DSLREye joins the contest as Hazzan could not make it to Germany this time around. He joins a roster that includes many of the world’s best overclockers; PXHX (Brazil), DrWeez (South Africa), Bullshooter (Germany), Marc0053 (Canada), Xtreme Addict (Poland), and Lucky_n00b (Indonesia).

Check out all the scores and submissions from the ROG Camp 2016 here on OC-ESPORTS. You can also find a full photo album with lots of pictures from the event in Berlin here on our Facebook page.

Follow all the action from the World Championship 2016 Final here on the contest website, as well as live coverage of the event courtesy of the OverClocking-TV Twitch channel!

Meet the HWBOT World Championship Finalists: Lucky_n00b (Indonesia)

Today were find ourselves just 24 hours before the start of the HWBOT World Championship 2016 Finals. We also arrive at the final episode in our ‘Meet the Finalists’ series. The seventh name on the contestant name sheet is Lucky_n00b from Indonesia, an overclocker who booked his seat in the final as the winner of the World Championship Wild Card contest just a few weeks ago.

I first met Alva Jonathan, or Lucky_n00b as he is known in OC circles, during Computex 2015 where I managed to do an interview as part of our Overclocker in Focus series. The first thing that struck me was just how much raw enthusiasm and passion Alva has for Overclocking. When discussing the past, the present or the future of Overclocking, he maintains an infectiously positive attitude that is wholly refreshing.

Arguably Alva was thrust into in the Overclockking spotlight back in 2008 when he earned his nickname as a ‘Lucky_n00b’ by surprising everyone and winning the competition. Since then he has remained a top competitor that should never be underestimated. Alva has been a HWBOT member since 2008 and is the current No.2 ranked Overclocker in Indonesia, out ranked by compatriot and friend Hazzan.

The World Championship Wild Card contest was one of the first contests on OC-ESPORTS were contestants were asked to purchase a ticket to take part, helping to offset the cost of a flight to Berlin. The contest kicked off on September 15th but interestingly, the scoreboard remained hidden until October 10th, one week before its conclusion. As soon as the scoreboard was revealed, it was apparent that World No.1 Dancop sitting at the top of the table would be the man to beat. And so it proved to be.

Unbeknownst to all however, Alva was plotting a coup. Given time off from his duties at JagatReview for a few days, he attacked the three benchmark stages with passion and determination, honing his skills with dual-core Skylake chips and RX 460 cards. With literally just hours to go he had a lead on Dancop of just 0.3 points.

Lucky_n00b has already arrived in Berlin and will be approaching the HWBOT World Championship hopeful of a real chance of winning it. It’s fitting too that Indonesia could well be the best represented country at the finals (unless a German wins the ROG Camp, a likely scenario). The country not only has a long tradition of competitive overclocking, it also has some of the world’s most talented live overclockers.

You can learn more about Lucky_n00b’s qualification for the finals here, and don’t forget you can also join our ‘Predict and Win’ contest here on Facebook where you could win a Core i7 6950X.

11 Competitions Lose OC-ESPORTS Points in December 2016

The OC-ESPORTS points are a part of the equation for the HWBOT Overclockers League leaderboard as the league is based on a member's best 15 combined global and wr scores overall, best 20 hardware scores overall, and the 10 best OC-ESPORTS points from the past 365 days. To help you understand why you may lose points this point, below you can find a table of the competitions which will lose their points this month.

Competitions Losing Points in November 2016

Competition Date of Losing Points Level Winner
ROG OC Showdown Formula Series Round 3 2015-12-07 1 Nvidiaforever2
Rookie Rumble #25 2015-12-12 1 TAGG
Rookie Rumble AMD #22 2015-12-12 1 S H A Y A N
HyperX OC Takeover Season III Final 2015-12-17 3 Lucky_n00b
HWBOT Country Cup 2015 2015-12-20 1 Australia
GIGABYTE Target OC Open Target Ambient 2 cores 2015-12-20 1 Lochekey
GIGABYTE Target OC Open Target Ambient 4 cores 2015-12-20 1 Keika
GIGABYTE Target OC Open Target Ambient 6 cores 2015-12-20 1 TAGG
GIGABYTE Target OC Open Target Extreme 2 cores 2015-12-20 1 Darkvenom
GIGABYTE Target OC Open Target Extreme 4 cores 2015-12-20 1 Nifir
GIGABYTE Target OC Open Target Extreme 6 cores 2015-12-20 1 Nifir

Meet the HWBOT World Championship Finalists: Xtreme Addict (Poland)

Today we bring you the penultimate edition of the ‘Meet the Finalists’ series, looking at each of the overclockers who will go head to head in the World Championship Finals on Sunday. Today we consider the case for Xtreme Addict from Poland, the current world No.2 on HWBOT.

In live, competitive Overclocking circles the name Xtreme Addict will echo through the ages. That might sound like an exaggerated statement but if you look down the list of honors for last five or six years, it’s clear that XA has been one of the scene’s most prolific overclockers in that period. In terms of wins alone we can point to MOA EMEA 2012, AOOC 2012, HyperX OC Takeover HOT Final CES and Computex 2014 plus the Intel OC Challenge Computex 2014 and HyperX OC Takeover HOT Final CES 2015. Let’s just say this guy is a true competitor in every sense.

Perhaps the contest that is most relevant to us right now is the one that allows Xtreme Addict, also known as Michal Vobozil, to compete in Berlin at the weekend. The win of course came at a familiar stomping ground for XA, attending the HWBOT World Tour Asia stop at Computex earlier this year. The event proved to be one of the big success stories of the year with dozens of top class overclockers competing side by side for the duration of the week.

On the last day of the event we were treated to the Semis and Final. Xtreme Addict faced the one overclocker who sits (ever so slightly) above him in the world rankings. The Dancop v Xtreme Addict semi final was a tense affair revolving around 3DMark Vantage. XA managed to push his chip by an additional 100MHz which resulted in a score of 82,589 marks, compared to Dancop who could only muster 81,219 marks.

In the Final XA was pitted against Indonesia’s Hazzan. Overclockers were bound by contest rules to use the same board that they qualified with; Hazzan would be using an MSI X99A Godlike Gaming Carbon motherboard while Xtreme Addict was armed a GIGABYTE X99 SOC Champion motherboard. The Wprime 1024 benchmark was eventually chosen after both vetos were utilized. After a string of BSODs, with just a few minutes left, Xtreme Addict made a run in just 49sec 657ms, a score that Hazzan could not better despite an enormous effort.

Xtreme Addict will be in Berlin right now, honing his chops using a GIGABYTE motherboard and Zadack511 memory. To discount him as a genuine challenger would be pure folly, as he is quite simply one of the most feared live contest overclockers in the world.

If you fancy Xtreme Addict to be the World Champion 2016, remember that you can select him for the ‘Predict and Win’ contest on our Facebook page. You can also catch up on his qualification experience here.

Dancop Takes 3DMark03 and Unigine Heaven World Records, Regains Top Spot

It’s been an interesting few weeks at the very top of the HWBOT world rankings of late. Despite neither of the league’s top two being too active, we did see a shift at the top with Xtreme Addict going back into first place for first time since July earlier this year. However, exactly how he managed to slip past Dancop is less clear and probably due to Dancop’s scores being whittled away by competing overclockers (indeed XA has not been overly active on HWBOT in the last month or so, perhaps he’s saving all his OC mojo for the World Championship Finals on Sunday).

Dancop too has been fairly quiet in the last few weeks. Regardless he regains his place at the top of the rankings today with a pair of solid world record scores. In 3DMark03 the new Global 1st place ranked score is now 345,563 marks, considerably ahead of Sofos from Greece who submitted a score of 307, 894 marks back in July.

The score from Dancop was made using a Core i7 6700K clocked at 6,742.5MHz (+68.56%), backed by a single Nvidia Titan X Pascal card with the GPU clocked at 2,265MHz (+59.84%) and the graphics memory pushed to 1,501MHz (+18%). The rig was based around an ASUS Maximus VIII Impact motherboard with G.SKILL Trident Z DDR4 memory clocked at 2,081MHz (CL12.0 11-11-28 1T).

In the Unigine Heaven (Extreme Preset) benchmark Dancop used a similar setup to make a new Global 1st Place ranked score of 10,808.95 DX11 marks. This again is quite far ahead of the nearest contender Strong Island (US) with 9801.28 DX11 marks.

Regardless of all the above scoring it remains very close at the top. These two submissions mean that Dancop (Germany) now tops the HWBOT league with 3,309 points, ahead of Xtreme Addict (Poland) with 3,216 points. If XA wins the World Champinship Finals on Sunday, the situation may well change.

You can find the new World Record score for 3DMark03 here, plus the World Record score for Unigine Heaven Extreme here.

HWBOT World Championship 2016 Finals: Trophies Spotted

The HWBOT World Championship 2016 Finals are just around the corner, in fact all eight overclockers are already in position in Berlin, chomping at the bit to get started on Sunday morning. In the mean time however, we can bring you a shot of the trophy that it is up for grabs – a trophy that will declare its owner to be the HWBOT World Champion of 2016.

For those of you who happen to live under a rock or perhaps have just come out a very long coma, the HWBOT World Championship 2016 Finals is essentially the final chapter in the HWBOT World Tour 2016. At each of the six location visited on the World Tour, a World Series overclocking contest was held, an extreme contest where the world’s best got a chance to prove themselves. With plenty of LN2 on hand each World Tour stop followed a similar contest format – a qualification round, usually base around three benchmarks, followed Semi-Final 1v1 contest and a Final 1v1 contest. In all the 1v1 contests, a benchmark is drawn from a pool at random with each overclocker possessing one veto.

The same format will be used again on Sunday. One minor twist is that each overlocker will be using the same brand of memory and motherboard that he used to qualify for the contest (each World Tour stop was partnered with different motherboard and memory vendors). The platform of choice is of course the Intel Z170 platform, with Skylake Core i5 6600K processors provided and drawn at random at each stage of the contest. The winner of the contest will get his hands on the magnificent trophy shown on the left, as well as a Core i7 6950X processor.

Don’t forget that you can watch all the action from the World Championship 2016 Final on the OverClocking-TV Twitch channel here. You can also take part in the ‘Predict and Win’ contest on our Facebook page. Correctly predict the World Champion and you could win a Core i7 6950X for yourself.

Meet the HWBOT World Championship Finalists: Hazzan (Indonesia)

Here is the fifth installment of our ‘Meet the Finalists’ series, a look into the seven overclockers who have qualified for the HWBOT World Championship 2016 Finals in Berlin on Sunday. Today we take a look at one of the most respected and feared Overclockers in Indonesia; the one and only Hazzan, the country’s No.1 ranked Overclocker.

Hazzan qualified for the World Championship Finals by winning the Asia Pacific leg of the HWBOT World Tour 2016, but in truth it all could have been so very different. Hazzan is the only overclocker to have appeared in two World Series Finals. At Computex 2016 (the Asia World Tour stop) Hazzan made it to a 1v1 Final round against Poland’s Xtreme Addict. In just the dying moments of the contest XA managed to pull out a score that clinched the contest and booked him a ticket to Berlin. Hazzan’s frustration was palpable.

Fast forward to Yogyakarta Indonesia in September and we find Hazzan with a second opportunity to make it to the Finals. Having made it through the qualifiers without breaking sweat, we had a Semi Final 1v1 face-off between revOC and Hazzan. The two competed on 3DMark Physics. Hazzan was the big favorite to win against an overclocker ranked 40th in Indonesia and it certainly looked the case as Hazzan flew out of the traps early on. As the 30 minute line approached Hazzan had established a solid score of 12,982 points with revOC trailing behind on 12,340 points.

Hazzan faced speed.fastest (Indonesia’s current sixth rank overclocker) in the final where a 1v1 session on Cinebench R11.5 was held with CPUs capped out at 5.5.GHz. Hazzan again made the early ground setting the pace with a score of 10.49 with after just ten minutes. After around 15 mins speed.fastest managed to get some points on the board with a score of 10.68, then 10.72, gradually closing in on Hazzanand his score of 10.78.

Hazzan has been a HWBOT member for almost a decade and is certainly one of the most talented live overclocking combatants in the scene. I think it’s also fair to say that he hasn’t had the easiest route to the finals. He has shown again and again that sometimes it takes a great deal of sheer determination to get where you want to be.

If you fancy a Hazzan for the Championship, remember that you can select him for the ‘Predict and Win’ contest on our Facebook page. You can also catch up on the his qualification experience here.

HWBOT and Futuremark Cooperate to Improve Submission Process in 3DMark Time Spy

We just announced how the submission process has been changed and improved in 3DMark Time Spy. It’s now possible to make a submission directly from Here’s a excerpt from the official press release:

[Press Release] HWBOT, an organization regulating international Overclocking competitions and rankings today officially announces its cooperation with Futuremark to streamline the benchmark result submission process for 3DMark.

Working in close cooperation, HWBOT and Futuremark have made significant changes to the submission and validation process. This means that gamers using the 3DMark benchmarking suite will be able to add scores to the HWBOT database at the click of a button, making it easier than ever for PC gaming enthusiasts to get involved with competitive benchmarking and overclocking.

“It will soon be possible to very easily add any validated score from to the HWBOT database thanks to cooperation between HWBOT and Futuremark,” commented Pieter-Jan Plaisier, Director at HWBOT. “Crucially, this gives PC gamers a fantastic chance to become competitive about performance in a way that was not possible before.”

"For competitive overclockers, submitting 3DMark scores to HWBOT has traditionally involved manually copying over results, entering hardware details and uploading validation screenshots," said Pasi Virtanen, 3DMark Product Manager at Futuremark. "Today, all of that changes with our new streamlined submission process. Now overclockers can submit their 3DMark Time Spy scores to HWBOT with one click on"

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